How to Protect Your Email Address from Spoofing


Hypothetically speaking, let’s say you receive an email that looks like it’s from your boss, your email service provider, maybe even your best friend. You’d naturally be inclined to open it, right? Think again. When you open an email that’s crafted to look like it came from someone you trust, consider yourself “email spoofed.” Email spoofing refers to the sending of email messages with a forged...

[News] China bans cryptocurrency trading and mining


Last Friday China’s central bank and its National Development and Reform Commission announced a ban on all cryptocurrency mining and made all cryptocurrency transactions illegal. Furthermore, they prohibited any company from providing cryptocurrency trading to Chinese citizens. These new bans extend China’s 2019 ban on cryptocurrency trading. The statement from China’s Central Bank makes clear...

How to clean up your digital footprint


Every day, we reveal something about ourselves to the Internet. Whether it’s old blog posts, Instagram photos or your Uber rating, we leave a trackable trail that forms a pattern over time. We all have online accounts that we can’t remember using, and while most of them are harmless, you may not want your boss or partner to find them. Google stalking is commonplace behavior. Everybody does it, so...

Best programming languages for AI: which to learn?


AI programming brings indescribable productivity and quality-of-life benefits to users everywhere. As smart speakers say good morning and search engines make headlines, these two techs are just a fraction of the massive AI universe working behind the scenes today. For those considering a leap into the world of AI development, choosing the correct programming language to learn and use can be...

Whois—or Whoisn’t? The state of Whois for domains


Determining who owns a domain name used to be simple. The creators of the domain name system built a service called Whois that served as a phone directory for websites. Whois displayed the phone number, address, email address and fax number (remember, this was a while ago!) of the contacts for the domain owner. The idea was that people could use this directory to contact site administrators if...

7 tips to transform from freelancer to agency owner


More people are striking out on their own as freelancers. It gives them the flexibility to choose their clients, work from anywhere, and even earn more than their previous jobs. Let’s say that you’ve been freelancing for a few years now, but you’re ready for something bigger. You’re looking to scale and take your business to new heights. The next logical step is to turn your venture into a...

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