Some upcoming changes to how SSL certificates are validated


If you’re thinking about purchasing an SSL soon or already have an SSL that you haven’t activated yet, you should know about some upcoming changes to how SSL certificates are validated and what that might mean for you. HTTP domain control validation (DCV) will work a little differently across all SSL certificate types going forward in the coming weeks. If you already have an issued SSL, this...

[News] China bans cryptocurrency trading and mining


Last Friday China’s central bank and its National Development and Reform Commission announced a ban on all cryptocurrency mining and made all cryptocurrency transactions illegal. Furthermore, they prohibited any company from providing cryptocurrency trading to Chinese citizens. These new bans extend China’s 2019 ban on cryptocurrency trading. The statement from China’s Central Bank makes clear...

Whois—or Whoisn’t? The state of Whois for domains


Determining who owns a domain name used to be simple. The creators of the domain name system built a service called Whois that served as a phone directory for websites. Whois displayed the phone number, address, email address and fax number (remember, this was a while ago!) of the contacts for the domain owner. The idea was that people could use this directory to contact site administrators if...

Is that website legit? Avoid phishing and smishing


If people can reach us, they can scam us. There are potential scams by phone, email (phishing), text message (smishing, or phishing via SMS), Facebook posts and Facebook Messenger, online chat groups, and more. And we’ve all received that urgent email or text. It might go something like this: Your bank account is overdrawn. Click here to check your balance. Congratulations, you’ve won a prize...

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