Some upcoming changes to how SSL certificates are validated


If you’re thinking about purchasing an SSL soon or already have an SSL that you haven’t activated yet, you should know about some upcoming changes to how SSL certificates are validated and what that might mean for you. HTTP domain control validation (DCV) will work a little differently across all SSL certificate types going forward in the coming weeks. If you already have an issued SSL, this...

Full site editing is coming to WordPress with 5.8


As great as WordPress has been for the web developers among us, beginners and casual website owners have remained rather unimpressed with WordPress’s abilities. This is all about to change with the release of WordPress 5.8 scheduled for July 20. I mean, sure, WordPress has always been powerful enough to handle any task you might throw at it, but the difficult part was learning how to use the...

Is my website safe? Making WordPress secure


WordPress can rightly be called one of the most popular content management systems in the world, if not THE most popular one. The simplicity for users, paired with extreme flexibility (with the right themes and plugins, you can make your WordPress site pretty much anything you want), and accessibility — it all contributes to its immense popularity. However, on the flip side, such popularity also...

WordPress comes of age with its 18th birthday


Can you believe it? WordPress turns 18 on May 27, 2021. In the U.S. and many other countries, that makes WordPress officially an adult. If WordPress were a human being, it would become eligible to vote, graduate high school, and make decisions without a parent’s consent. As in years past, we anticipate many people around the world will be celebrating this auspicious birthday. Here at Namecheap...

How WordPress grows with your small business


Given that WordPress now powers roughly 40% of the top ten million websites globally, many small business owners might hear this impressive statistic and immediately shy away from using it. Au contraire! WordPress empowers everyone to publish online and create their own website, whether you’re an established corporation or a budding small business owner. Because as your business grows, so can...

18 years of WordPress, and all that jazz


It’s been 18 years since WordPress was released to the world. To celebrate the 18th birthday of WordPress, which is on May 27, let’s look at each of the major releases and what came afterward, examining the successes and a few controversies that happened along the way. Launch of WordPress, ‘Miles Davis’ 2003-2005 As with most great companies, WordPress started because one person —  in this case...

Gutenberg: the block editor for a better WordPress


It’s no secret that many people turn to WordPress when creating a new website. On average, over 500 new sites are built every single day using WordPress. Enthusiasm for WordPress is global, with more than 1,000 locally-organized Word Camp events annually. While there are many reasons for the software’s popularity, much of this new growth arrived on the heels of Gutenberg. “Gutenberg” was the name...

How to migrate your WordPress website


WordPress website migration. Chances are if you’re reading this article, you’re most likely interested in either learning how to move, a la migrate, your WordPress website now or in the future. Whatever your reason, it can be quite a complicated process, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. That’s why we’re here, to break down the different types of migrations, depending on your...

You Spoke, We Listened – EasyWP Updates in 2021


In 2020, EasyWP HQ was hard at work and despite a turbulent year, we’re proud of our accomplishments. We delivered a whole host of exciting features like free CDN and SSL, made user-friendly updates including the new and improved EasyWP wizard, and most importantly, we made sure to deliver the fixes you asked for. By listening to our customer’s feedback, we solved your key difficulties. EasyWP is...

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